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How to Get Your Mermaid On

Getting My Mermaid On Photo credits: Kelly Belinda Photography

Getting My Mermaid On

Photo credits: Kelly Belinda Photography

Always be yourself, unless you can be a mermaid, then always be a mermaid. Within each of us is a mermaid or merman that wants to explore the great depths of life. Sometimes the waters can be rough and the depths of life can take us into unexpected turbulence. During these times, as well as daily, it's important to build a consistent practice to remind ourselves how to get our mermaid/merman on. Here are some tips to help get that fin moving in the right direction.

Tip One: Mermaids choose to swim in waters that feel good and mermaids know what waters make them feel good

Tip Two: Mermaids aren't afraid of great depths and fear shallow living

Tip Three: Mermaids just keep swimming, even if they are tossed by waves, especially when tossed by the waves

Tip Four: Mermaids gravitate to love, support, and kindness

Tip Five: Mermaids practice daily moments of stillness and gratitude

Tip Six: Mermaids know there are a million fish in the sea, but nothing is quite like a mermaid

Tip Seven: Mermaids don't lose sleep over opinions of shrimp

Tip Eight: Mermaids make a big SPLASH

Tip Nine: Mermaids have the most fun

Tip Ten: Mermaids know the world is their ocean and that the ocean is magical and full of possibility

I hope these tips help you on your journey. Seas the Day and Get Your Mermaid/Merman On, XO Cynth Mermaid

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