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The Romance of a Beginner's Mind

The Romance of a Beginner’s Mind

Recently, I watched a video on how to find dates. One of the key messages in this video was your outlook on life/dating, is what will be looking back at you. The more romance you are, the more romance you will get in return. The facilitator of these dating videos and workshops also spoke about how he looks at life in a romantic way. One of the reasons he has this loving outlook is he is always travelling, and so each place he is visiting is new and exciting. This had me wonder how I could bring more romance into my life, even if I wasn’t travelling or if I didn’t have a date/boyfriend? Then, I remembered one of the most important lessons of being mindful. Love and kindness towards oneself is important, as well as viewing life with a beginner’s mind.

A beginner’s mind refers to having an attitude of excitement, openness, eagerness, and a lack of preconceived notions. This can also be thought of as a child’s mind. Teaching children often reminds me of this natural innocence and desire to learn new things. Most of the time, I try to embrace these qualities as well. I remember one day after work, I was heading to the parking lot and a student ran up to me and asked: “what are we going to do tomorrow in class?” I replied: tomorrow!?!!” I stopped and thought for a minute and said: “tomorrow, you will know what we are going to do tomorrow.” The student laughed and said: “you are just like my dog. You are just doing whatever happens in the very moment.” I smiled and took her response as a compliment. Dogs are the true lovers of life, leaving the past and present and embracing each second with enthus