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The Book is Here! So Much More - A Multigenerational Memoir of Spiritual Liberation

So Much More, a memoir, is just that, so much more. This has been a project that I have been working on for over ten years, a project that I put my heart and soul into, and one that I had to face many trials and tribulations to get to this place, a place where I can fully, openly, and vulnerably share my heart and share all of me. A place where I can find the resilience and strength within to heal, and a place where I can find the joy and the glory of being myself.

This book is about multigenerational trauma and healing. It is about my dad's escape from Hungary during The 1956 Revolution, and how that impacted his life and mine. How parents can influence and shape their children and how one can heal the ancestral lineage of trauma through spiritual liberation. In the end, when we let go of all the layers, there is love, we are love, and connected in love.

I hope this book can provide some laughs, some inspiration, some childhood nostalgia, a recognition of yourself, and a connection to something greater than yourself, love.

Photograph by: Gabriela Talavera-Meza

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