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Why I travel and Why this Mermaid Should be the next Cancun Experience Officer!

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Hello World! Welcome to my blog and website!

Recently, I applied for a job in Cancun as a Cancun Experience Officer. I am so excited for his opportunity and I need your help in voting for my video! Please take the time daily to vote by clicking on the link below. Also, read below why I travel and explore my website! Xo CynthMermaid

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I travel because it allows me the opportunity to connect, discover and feel gratitude. Growing up, my immediate family lived in Canada, while the rest my family resided in Hungary. At a young age, I was taught the importance of travel, family and community. I developed a curiosity to learn new things by finding a sense of belonging to something greater than myself. Travelling presents the understanding that although we may come from different cultures, we are all united. Life is about being afraid, but doing it anyway. I believe we are all here to face our fears and discover who we truly are. Travelling is a priority in my life because I thrive on exploring and learning. Also, I write stories and musicals, and social interactions are what drive these projects to be authentic. I have travelled to 15 different countries, and every time I travel, my mind and heart expand. Travelling allows a renewed sense of self, which creates new insights that motivate me to be a better person. Travelling is almost like a reset button, which allows me to refresh my mind and regain my energy. This newness brings forth a deeper level of gratitude and the ability to give back to others in a greater way. I am uniquely suited to be a travel advocate for Cancun because I am a unique person with a variety of different skills and talents. I am educated, friendly, fun, and I believe in magical moments and mermaids. I am ready for this position and I am ready to expand my skills and inspire others on a greater platform. I look forward to representing Cancun as a Cancun Experience Officer.

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